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Many of our clients, focused on investments, are asking us where and how to invest best in real estate in China, to be able to make the best possible profit. This brought us to the idea of developing webinars, where we share our professional knowledge and experience. In our FREE Terra International Realty Investment webinars you will find helpful hints for profitable buying and optimizing property in China.

Our real estate sales professionals share their methods for success in today’s competitive property market to help you to effective develop and implement your best strategy for long-lasting success!

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About the hosts

Ann Mills

[email protected]
+66 (2) 20 172 953

Bhiraj Tower, Level 30,
689 Sukhumvit Road, Soi 35
10110 Bangkok – Thailand


Peter Gilpin

[email protected]
+66 95 725 9034

Bhiraj Tower, Level 30,
689 Sukhumvit Road, Soi 35
10110 Bangkok – Thailand

Webinar Content

Find helpful hints…

1. What are Bulk Purchases and why that will turn into a higher ROI ?
Learn how to get early-stage discounts by grouping enough individual investors together, to collectively buy out entire floors of a condominium project before construction begins, when prices are the lowest.

2. Real Estate Investment Oportunities in China
Take the chance and virtually discover China, one of the major world cities and hubs of Southeast Asia, where prices are soaring within the luxury condominium developments. Compared with other ASEAN cities like Singapore, China is still reasonably priced and is offering high returns.

3. Advantages of Pre-Construction (Off Plan) Purchase
Find out, how to take the advantage of buying off-plan, where investors have the chance to buy a property at a lower price than if they wait for construction of their chosen property to commence.

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