A better way to find your new home

China Housing Market was founded as an alternative to China’s other real estate websites. Those with banner ads at every turn and no sense of community.

We’ve created China Housing Market to be different, to buck the trend of your average real estate search portal and make finding your new home easy, fast and enjoyable. We hope you love China Housing Market as much as we do.

What makes us different?

No More Banner Ads

Just like you, we think banner ads are so last decade. That’s why you will never see a silly pop up or flashing banner ad on China Housing Market.

Design Matters To Us

We believe in beautiful design. No matter the cost, we will always strive to make your homes look amazing and your search experience feel great.

All About Community

China Housing Market is not just homes, it’s also a collection of people sharing their opinions, asking questions and helping others. In fact we have one of the largest collaborative online real estate communities in China.

Better Agent Relationships

We asked ourselves: why do real estate agents have little to no exposure on other real estate websites? We think agents should be given more tools to build better relationships with potential clients and draw in inquiries.

Data Transparency

There’s a lot of real estate data out there to help you in your home search. Our goal is to unlock and simplify that data for you.

Professional young team

We're a passionate team of engineers, real-estate professionals and business people with diverse skill sets, experience and cultural backgrounds. With customer service and innovation at the core of our foundations, were making it easier to find a great place to live in China.